N4 Gateway, a new prestige, light industrial park development by Uniqon Wonings (Pty) Ltd to the east of the City of Tshwane, redefines the concepts of safety and security for light industrial parks.

N4 Gateway differs from most established industrial parks in that it is a safe environment. This is a first for Pretoria.  Elsewhere industrial environments are often lacking in sufficient protection and safety when approaching and leaving the premises, especially after hours and over weekends.

This Light Industrial Security Park is now fully serviced with all services, including electricity, installed and available.  Proclamation is scheduled for August 2009.

A non-threatening, secure approach.
The approach to N4 Gateway is non-threatening, secure, even reassuring and appealing.


N4 Gateway Industrial Security Park
Above: An aerial view of the N4 Gateway site with the N4 highway in the foreground. Both the R104 in the background and Hans Strijdom Road to the right are scheduled to become dual lane carriage ways.  

One approaches N4 Gateway with unrestricted visibility, across an open suburban landscape, immediately entering N4 Gateway with a slip-way off the main R104 dual lane carriage way. On two additional sides, N4 Gateway is flanked by soon to be completed dual lane highways and thorough fares. To the east, across Hans Strijdom Road, N4 Gateway faces a higher income residential development.  Green, echo friendly, parkland strips within the Industrial park enhance the environment.

Safety after hours
This is an environment where staff can safely enter and depart after dark or over weekends.

World-class security
N4 Gateway offers uniform security of the highest order within the two separate security parks.  Within the park, individual premises will have their own individual security systems.

World-class, state of the art security is arguably N4 Gateway’s most outstanding feature. These include:

  • Perimeter walls 3m high, enhanced by electric fencing with detection capabilities;
  • An advanced security control room;
  • A perimeter CCTV system comprising low light colour cameras mounted at 50m intervals on light poles and covering the entire perimeter;
  • Images from these cameras are recorded onto a battery of digital video recorders (DVRs);
  • 24 hours, day and night access control system;
  • Separate access control by turnstile for pedestrians;
  • Biometric control through fingerprint readers at all entry and exit controls;
  • All entries an exits recorded on CCTV;
  • Capturing frontal view of vehicles with number plate recognition and identification;
  • All exit and entry data is linked in the database for comprehensive retrieval and cross referencing.

Comments Mr Theuns Botha of Uniqon developers: “We wanted to redefine the concept of light industrial parks by offering a comprehensive, ‘no fear’ security solution: from approach and entry, right through to departure, all hours of the day and night.”

Perfectly positioned
Although N4 Gateway’s security features offer a compelling argument for owners to move their light industrial operation there, its exceptional positioning is equally persuasive.

N4 Gateway is perfectly positioned on the transport arteries crossing the City of Tshwane along both the north-south and east-west axis.  The complex is named after the eponymous highway which flanks the property to the south and which is the main highway connecting Gauteng with Mpumalanga.  It is also within easy reach of the N1.

With north, south east and west accessibility, N4 Gateway embodies the concept “Gateway.”

Peace of mind
The developer has created a highly desirable environment.  Once seen, the choice to relocate to this address is a simple matter of timing.

Botha continues: “Electricity is guaranteed, The City of Tshwane takes responsibility for all services.

The POA will be responsible for the management of the Industrial Park i.e. security and maintenance.

All relevant information is available from a link on the home page of the Uniqon website at www.uniqon.co.za.  Click on N4 Gateway”

“We accommodate both those who want to own property here and those interested in renting. We will build factories, on a turnkey basis, according to client’s specifications and erect facilities for rental.”

This is an excellent investment opportunity. Ideally situated for logistic and distribution operations.

Sites at N4 Gateway range from 1,493m2 to 10,563m2. Although ideally suited for a range of light industries, N4 Gateway should, because of its exceptional positioning, especially appeal to logistics organisations distributing throughout Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Limpopo.


Light Industrial Security Park for Pretoria East