Accessibility and roads at N4 Gateway

The accessibility by road is of utmost importance for a successful Industrial Park. The arterial roads surrounding the N4 Gateway Light Industrial Park, namely N4 Highway, Hans Strijdom Drive (K69) and the Bronkhorstspruit Road (R104), make access a dream.

The operating cost of a vehicle and time management is a mayor cost factor to take into account when positioning a warehouse or a factory.

For the employers and employees of a factory or warehouse it is also very important to have quick and easy access to their save work place.

The old saying locality, locality, locality is nowadays even more true than ever, and relevant for an Industrial Park.

The upgrade of the old Bronkhorstspruit road to a dual highway, up to the N4 Gateway entrance, is a huge improvement and contributes to the accessibility to the N4 Gateway Light Industrial Park.

The easy, quick accessibility of an Industrial Park effectively brings it much closer to its suppliers and customers.

The N4 Gateway Industrial Park has the additional advantage that it is highly visible from three major highways.

Sanral is currently planning the upgrade of Hans Strijdom Avenue to improve the traffic flow during peak times. All property developers in the East of Pretoria welcome this.

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